Jim Lewis Cars is a family owned & family operated business that is currently celebrating it's 59th year in business.  At Jim Lewis', each and every customer is treated in the same way that we would want to be treated.

The business actually began as a chicken feed bagging business in 1954.  Back then, Jim & Betty Lewis were a young entrepreneurial married couple who understood the benefits of hard work.  However, as feed bulk bins began to pop up on local chicken farms, Jim & Betty knew that bagging chicken feed was soon to become a thing of the past.  So after opening up a new Ford dealership with 2 partners, Jim decided to partner with Betty and open up a quality pre-owned car dealership of their own.  So in 1958, they turned the chicken feed bagging business into a car dealership.

Through the years, Jim & Betty built a loyal customer base because they stood behind each & every vehicle they sold.  People have oftentimes traveled across multiple states just to visit our dealership located here in the small country town of Willards.

Over the years, Jim & Betty's son & daughter-in-law, Eddie and Sharon, became integral parts of the business.  So although Jim & Betty have moved on to Heaven, their values have been left to the remaining Lewis family members.  

Jim Lewis Cars' specialty is repeat business......and we think you would become a repeat customer if you give us a try!  So come on down to Willards and see just how pleasant car buying can be!